I’m Jamie and I’m a software engineer from Victoria Australia. I am the lone developer for EvoPet. It was made using GameMaker Studio 2. I have been making games with GameMaker since I was young, so when GMS came out with multiplatform exporting, I started working on mobile games.

The first game I made for android was Pet Pinball. It was another attempt to marry a VPet with another game style. The game was great, tones to do, lots of levels, but the VPet side of the game was neglected and the game was just a fun pinball game. I experimented with other VPet ideas, a Tower Defense, a Turn Based Strategy, etc. In 2015 I decided to just make a VPet without any other game attached, this is what would become EvoPet as we know it today. I spent over a year working on just feeding, training and evolving the pet, with no idea what I would do for the battles. I had an idea for the 3-lane battle system, but it felt empty. After getting inspiration from Halo Wars 2 Blitz mode and realizing that card games can be real-time, I decided to make the attacks of the monsters into cards and have them played in real-time, for a interesting strategy game. In 2018 I left my work as a software engineer to start working on making games full time. Living off savings. After more than a year in full time development, EvoPet was released. I then returned to work and work on updates for EvoPet on the side.

I have a lot of plans for EvoPet. Here are some that I have started working on or plan to work on:
- More training mini-games
- Cloud save transfer server
- Online PvAI battles using other players pets
- Shared play area for all of your pets to play together and train
- New detailed Art for all pets
- Merchandise (T-shirts)